Post-Operative Care

Food and Water: With the excitement of returning home after surgery, your pet may be inclined to drink and eat excessively, which may result in vomiting. To avoid this, we recommend restricted access to water for an hour or more until your pet has quieted down. Once your pet has quieted down allow only small amounts of food and water for the first eight hours. Normal feeding and watering may resume the next day.

Exercise and Activity: Patients recovering from surgery or illness should have limited exercise. Avoid access to stairs or situations that may lead to injury. Due to the affects of the anesthesia animals may be groggy for 12 hours.

Sutures:  Try and discourage pets from licking the incision.  If they are licking the incision you will have to come back in for an E-collar.  Please check the incision daily for any swelling, redness, or discharge.  If the suture area appears irritated or infected, notify us immediately.

Bandages: If there are any bandages, they should be kept clean and dry.